Real life sisters Shelley, Sacha and LaToya Vinson, better known as the Stellar nominated trio V3, are back with their second album, ALIVE, a powerful project designed to uplift, inspire and encourage souls around the world.


The siblings from Atlanta released their debut self-titled album on EMI Gospel in 2006 to critical reviews. Gospel, Contemporary Christian and urban music lovers fell in love with their melodic vocals that summoned the tight familiar harmonies of legendary family gospel groups like The Clark Sisters and The Winans.


The daughters of Thomas and Dr. Carolyn Vinson, pastors of High Point Christian Tabernacle in Smyrna, GA, V3’s path in inspirational music was predestined by the most high and guided by their mother. Dr. Vinson is a former gospel radio personality, hit gospel songwriter and music producer. Shelley remembers from their 1980s and 90s upbringing, “Mom would sit us down to sing with our three older sisters and teach us her songs. We always had two altos, two sopranos and two tenors. She was always very honest with us. She taught us to have thick skin for this industry. And she played a big part in our careers.”


V3 was only allowed to listen to gospel music at home while growing up. LaToya, the group’s primary songwriter and arranger since their teens said, “My mom instilled in us early on what we were made for…if we wanted to listen to anything else we had to sneak.”


The group started out singing at their church when they were girls. They also honed their craft outside of the church singing in local talent shows and at basketball games. From there, they graduated to background singing for popular gospel artists, including the rap group The Grits, and Damita (Haddon) Chandler.


It was after providing supporting vocals for Chandler’s solo effort on Atlantic Records that V3 was offered their first major record deal with EMI Gospel.


The EMI deal afforded V3 the opportunity to present their music internationally, across multiple formats and genres.


V3’s distinct vocals and model-good-looks also found them in places outside of the music world. Famed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi even featured them on his show on the Style Network.


Despite their success, V3 decided to take a hiatus from the industry after that first project. They turned their focus to church ministry, family and business ventures.


Sacha, the group’s unofficial stylist, opened a popular new clothing store called Muse Boutique in Marrietta GA.  All three sisters worked in the youth department at their home church. They also started the V3 Is Me


 Movement, a youth inspired ministry that espouses young people to be virtuous, victorious and to realize they are valuable.


ALIVE, a 15-song album marks V3’s official return to their recording ministry. They wrote and produced most of the songs on the independent release. ALIVE is the first national project V3 can say is totally theirs.


Shelley said, “It was great to have the freedom to express ourselves and create the way that we wanted to. We put this record together with our manager. He totally gave us the freedom to do what we wanted to do.”


ALIVE is an eclectic mix of music infused with elements of Pop, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Reggae, Hip Hop and Urban musical styles laced with unapologetic messages about their faith.


The title track is V3’s testimony from having survived a serious car accident in Detroit. Sacha said, “We blacked out. The doors were jammed. Shelley was stuck in the car. We were placed in separate hospitals. On “Alive” we talk about what we went through and how God kept us. We know we are here for a reason and a purpose.”


Other standouts on the album include the medium tempo tune about God’s everlasting love, “Forever” featuring rapper Cannon. The guitar laced “Roll Back” glorifies the Lord and will lead a soul into praise and worship. “Wait On You” is another V3 personal favorite. It inspires one to trust that God will honor his promises if you have faith and wait on him. “Around the World” communicates V3’s mission. LaToya said, “That song just speaks to giving your life to God and shining your light around the world. And that is our prayer that God would take us around the world. We don’t want to our music ministry to be confined to the four walls of the church.”


Additionally, ALIVE features rapper ShonLock on “Chasing Me,” Stefan The Scientist on the reggae tinged “Getting Better”, and bringing things full circle, Damita joins V3 on “Chasing Me”.


ALIVE has received industry praise. Maestro Powell of Miami’s WEDR said, “It is a ground breaking project…it can be a crossover between Christian and Contemporary/secular music.” International gospel music promotions executive Vernice Watson of Artist International added, “A Phenomenal Sound from a Phenomenal Group!”


From start to finish, ALIVE ignites feelings of hope, faith and love without religious boundaries and crosses musical formats to meet people where they are.


ALIVE is available now digitally on, iTunes and other digital platforms.

The Revelation of Three

"Three, the divine number of perfection and completeness""God chose Latoya, Sacha, and Shelley to be one yet three. We are divinely entire and complete, we are unique and there shall be victory when we sing!"   (S. Bullock)

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